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What are Getaways?

Getaways are our package deals, often these deals include a flight and a hotel, sometimes a flight and a camper. Every day we offer 6 daily Getaway deals so be sure to check our website regularly.

I'm looking for a beach holiday, can I filter on theme?

All our Getaways deals are divided in Theme's, 'Beach holidays' happens to be one of our themes. We also have themes like 'all-inclusive', 'city trips', 'Christmas holidays', etc. You can find the themes on our Getaway page.

The price has gone up?

PaperFlies searches through 1100+ travel websites to find you the best deals. Although we make every effort to ensure the prices are updated at all times, sometimes there are reasons why the price may differ. For example when one of our partners has not updated their inventory correctly. Or when a deal is very populair and multiple people try to book at the same time.

I want to travel alone. Can I also book a getaway for one person?

Most of the times te prices are based on a trip for 2 persons. In general it is also possible to book the same trip for one person. An extra fee may be added to the price in this case.

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