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What is PaperFlies?

PaperFlies is an online travel agency based in Amsterdam. The main focus of the company is comparing flights, PaperFlies compares 1143 travel websites in one search which gives the user a very complete overview.

I booked a flight, but I didn't receive a confirmation email?

PaperFlies is a flight search engine that compares the best possible options, it's not possible to book the actual flight with us. We help you find the most suitable flight and then recommend you where to book, this could be an airline or a travel agent. You will receive a confirmation email from the website you booked at.

I would like to get a flight deal for a specific month

Our 'inspire' feature can help you, it's a map that shows you prices to destinations all over the world. All you need is a date, the map will show you wherevery you can fly for what price.

How often do your deals get updated?

Our algorithm searches through thousands of flights and pick the best ones on a daily basis, as soon as there is a better deal available the deal will get updated.

How do I find the cheapest flights?

PaperFlies compares 1143 travel websites in just one search to find you the best price for your flight. If you are flexible you can use the price calendars to find the best fares within a month or even within the entire year. Use our flight search engine on our homepage to find the cheapest flights.

What do you mean with price calendars

Our price calendars show you the cheapest days to fly. If you're flexible this is a great feature, you can easily save up to £200.

When do I receive my ticket?

When the payment is completed you usually receive your confirmation within 24 hours, however we compare all flight fares and show you the cheapest possible options only. You will book your flight with one of our many partners. If you haven't received your confirmation within 24 hours we recommend you to contact the airline or booking agency that you booked at. PaperFlies does not have access to your booking information nor confirmation.

Do the fares include taxes and charges?

All flight fares shown include taxes and charges. The final price for your ticket may vary per person, depending on the additional options you choose. For example insurances, extra baggage or seat upgrades.

From which airports can I depart via PaperFlies?

You can use PaperFlies to find the best deals from any airport in the world. We have partners throughout the whole world.

Is it possible to book a one way trip?

Yes. When you open the calendar to select your travel dates. You can switch between one way or a return flight.

Can I save my favorite flight option?

Yes, you can save your favorite flight option by clicking on the heart symbol in the search results. When you save a deal you can always find it again by clicking the heart symbol in the header.

Can I book a multi-city trip?

Not yet. In case you need to, you can book multiple one way tickets.

Can I book a trip for a large group?

We help you to find the best deals for a group up to 9 people. If you are with more travelers then you can still use PaperFlies to find the best flight. When you found the best flight we recommend you to contact the airline directly to discuss group trips or split your booking in two.

Can I save my favorite deals?

Yes, you can use the heart on the tile to save the deal. Keep in mind that prices of flights fluctuate a lot and the deal might not be available for long period of time.

Where do you get all these good deals from?

Our algorithm searches through thousands of flights on a daily basis and picks the best ones. It happens quite often that you can fly all over the world for great prices, however finding these deals is the real challenge. That's exactly what we will help you with.

For which dates are the flight deals?

This is different for every deal. As soon as you click on the deal the data will present itself. If the dates don't fit your schedule, you can use our price calendars to easily find other cheap flight dates.

What are Getaways?

Getaways are our package deals, often these deals include a flight and a hotel, sometimes a flight and a camper. Every day we offer 6 daily Getaway deals so be sure to check our website regularly.

I'm looking for a beach holiday, can I filter on theme?

All our Getaways deals are divided in Theme's, 'Beach holidays' happens to be one of our themes. We also have themes like 'all-inclusive', 'city trips', 'Christmas holidays', etc. You can find the themes on our Getaway page.

The price has gone up?

PaperFlies searches through 1100+ travel websites to find you the best deals. Although we make every effort to ensure the prices are updated at all times, sometimes there are reasons why the price may differ. For example when one of our partners has not updated their inventory correctly. Or when a deal is very populair and multiple people try to book at the same time.

I want to travel alone. Can I also book a getaway for one person?

Most of the times te prices are based on a trip for 2 persons. In general it is also possible to book the same trip for one person. An extra fee may be added to the price in this case.

How does the 'inspire' function work?

With the PaperFlies Inspire function you can find the best flight deals on our map! Specifically designed for you when your don't have a specific destination or date in mind. Or you want to find out where you can fly for your budget. Filter on price, date, month, or season and all possible flight options are presented to you on our world map.

Can I save the prices/deals I find?

Yes, after clicking on the price tag a little box appears with a heart in it. Click on the heart to save the flight deal. Keep in mind, flight prices are very volatile and are subject to change.

Why isn't there a deal available for each destination?

That depends on how populair the destination is and if there is a deal available at that moment. Sometimes it also helps to zoom in on the destination and a price might appear.

What is PaperFlies?

PaperFlies is an online travel agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. PaperFlies operates in multiple markets, including Sweden, Belgium, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Why should I use PaperFlies

Because we compare 1143 travel websites which gives you an almost guaranteed chance on finding the cheapest possible flight.

Who should I contact about my booking?

PaperFlies is a travel search engine that helps you find the best deal. We compare flights but you can't book with us, instead you are transferred to an airline or travel agent to book. Therefore when you have a question about your reservation, it's best to contact them directly. Unfortunately we cannot acces your booking information.

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

Every day we search through thousands of flight deals and select the best available travel deals of the internet. With our newsletter you have the advantage to be the first to know, so it's highly likely the deal is still available.

How can I subscribe to your deals newsletter?

Please use the 'subscribe' box at the bottom of this page.

Do you also find the best hotel deals?

Yes, if you click on the the hotel tab in the header you can compare all the top travel sites in one simple search. You can easily find the best price for your hotel in less than 30 seconds.

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